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Quality assurance of stamping production

the appearance quality and internal quality of automobile are determined by the quality of sheet metal parts. Stamping production must be comprehensively considered from mold, plate to process documents, production preparation, operation, storage and feedback processing, so as to ensure high-quality stamping production and lay a key foundation for improving the market competitiveness of the whole vehicle

with the rapid development of China's automobile manufacturing industry, the appearance quality and internal quality of automobiles have become the prerequisite for automobile manufacturers to compete in the market

automobile appearance quality and its internal quality are determined by the quality of sheet metal parts, which makes stamping production particularly important in the whole process of automobile manufacturing, and has been highly valued by automobile manufacturers

"making fine cars, being masters of cars, and building a harmonious society" is our corporate purpose. In the process of stamping production, our quality requirements for stamping sheet metal parts are also carried out around this corporate purpose. After years of efforts, our stamping workshop has found a way to ensure stamping quality suitable for national conditions. The author hereby summarizes some practical experience and exchanges with you


mold is an important process equipment for stamping production, and its quality is directly related to the quality and production capacity of sheet metal parts

1. Mold manufacturing

in order to make the molds manufactured by professional mold manufacturers meet the quality requirements of the whole vehicle and suitable for the production of stamping enterprises, the following work should be carried out:

(1) technical exchange: the content of technical exchange involves annual production program, equipment capacity, production capacity, production operation mode, selection of mold materials, selection of mold standard parts, mold identification Mold quality requirements and verification standards and other process requirements

(2) die drawing countersignature: Die Drawing countersignature is carried out from the aspects of machine tool matching, safety, production operation, structure, maintenance, etc

(3) mold Supervision: analyze and summarize the dynamic management of the mold, deal with the reasonable changes of the mold quality and structure, and ensure that the mold is completed on schedule according to the quality requirements

(4) mold verification: focus on parts quality, machine tool matching, safety, production operation, structure, maintenance and other aspects. At the production site, the mold must be verified for stability margin, otherwise the product quality is difficult to control

2. Daily maintenance of molds

daily maintenance of molds is one of the important means to ensure the stability of product quality. In order to ensure the quality of mold maintenance, we should focus on the following aspects:

(1) skill training of mold maintenance personnel: strengthen the skill training of maintenance personnel, including operation skills, maintenance procedures, mold structure, mold fault analysis and treatment, and establish a high skilled maintenance team

(2) mold management: conduct dynamic management of mold maintenance, summarize mold files, and provide maintenance plans

(3) mold cleaning spot inspection: carry out mold cleaning spot inspection as planned to achieve high mold cleanliness

(4) mold spare parts: do a good job of mold spare parts according to mold files, focusing on the management of spare parts warehouse. To deal with mold maintenance with reasonable inventory, the quality of spare parts also needs to be paid attention to, because the quality of spare parts also endangers the product quality. Table 1 product quality self inspection essentials

stamping plate

stamping plate is the key to ensure the internal quality of products and the quality control object in the stamping production process. For a certain type of stamping plate, its mechanical properties fluctuate within a certain range, so its corresponding requirements for molds and equipment will also change. If the process conditions are not adjusted in time, the product quality will not be guaranteed. Attention should be paid to the following aspects in the quality assurance of stamping plates:

1. Plate identification: check the material, specification, heat number, roll number and manufacturer

2. Statistics of mechanical properties of plates: record the mechanical properties of each batch of plates put into production, and the price is more dominant. The records include material, specification, heat number, roll number, mechanical properties (tensile strength/yield strength/n value/r value and other values), manufacturers and service conditions

3. Production tracking: record the use status of plates in the production process, such as the status, type and scrap rate of defective products, and log the recorded content into the statistics of the flat trading atmosphere of the plate mechanical performance data market, so as to guide the subsequent production to determine the safety domain of steel plates, provide production prediction, make rational use of plates and production procurement

process documents

process documents are the basic documents to ensure the stamping quality, among which three basic documents guide the production: stamping operation standard book, stamping operation essentials book and stamping part quality inspection essentials book. In addition, the stamping workshop must also formulate a "stamping parts inspection specification" to restrict employees to carry out stamping parts inspection

1. Stamping operation standard book: a process document that guides the operator to quickly and accurately adjust qualified products, mainly including installation position, closure height, stamping tonnage, balance cylinder pressure, lifting ejector rod position diagram, lifting pressure, lifting height, lifting angle and other parameters

2. Punching operation essentials: guiding process documents to guide operators to safely operate machine tools and use molds, including mold clamping, production operation inspection, packing inspection, identification, etc

3. Product quality self inspection Essentials: a guarantee document for maintaining the stability of the quality of stamping parts, which will list the quality problems of stamping parts, qualification standards, division of labor, inspection methods, tools used, part drawings (indicating the parts prone to problems and problem types), the punching quantity of each process, plate material specifications and dimensions, safety tips, etc

production preparation

as the preliminary work of the stamping process, we must carefully prepare for production. The main work includes three aspects:

1. For the mold, we should carefully check the integrity of the appearance, upper/lower surfaces, and mold accessories

2. Check whether there are special marks, scratches, bumps, rust, falling double materials, etc. in the plate inspection

3. Check whether the specification and model of the station apparatus are PVC pipes with a diameter of 1m, etc. prepared according to the process documents. Table 2 example of inspection specification

production operation

"product quality is manufactured, not detected". This sentence can be fully reflected in the stamping production process, because the correctness of stamping production operation is directly reflected in the product quality of stamping parts

in the stamping production operation, we should focus on the randomly collected waste materials to control the following aspects:

1. Process adjustment: adjust various parameters in strict accordance with the stamping operation standard to ensure accuracy

2. Mold inspection: check the mold appearance, mold cavity, the sensitivity and reliability of the action of functional components, and the lubrication of relative moving parts

3. Equipment spot inspection: including clutch air pressure, lubricating oil pressure, protective oil pressure, inching inspection, whether there is oil leakage, air leakage, etc

4. Independent inspection of parts

there are some uncontrollable factors in the stamping production process. Small changes in sheet metal and mold may lead to the quality fluctuation of stamping parts. In order to reduce the fluctuation, it is necessary to find and solve problems in time, especially in the early stage of mold mass production, the independent inspection of parts is particularly important, because the occurrence of new problems in the quality of parts is relatively concentrated in this period. Years of practical experience has proved that if the problems encountered are completely solved in the early stage of mold mass production, the situation of the same problem occurring in the future is almost zero

the self inspection shall be carried out according to the "key points of stamping quality inspection" and the interval inspection of all items. When formulating inspection specifications, the inspection items, inspection contents, inspection methods, tools used, judgment principles, causes and solutions shall be clearly defined in the specifications

5. Stacking of parts: a single product should be stacked in the station apparatus specified in the process, and the parts should be marked. Part identification includes model, part name, quantity, production team, production date, etc

warehousing logistics

stamping production must have a certain safety stock. In terms of the quality of the goods stored in parts, attention should be paid to the implementation of cash in and cash out during storage to prevent corrosion. At the same time, attention should be paid to controlling the transportation speed to prevent bumps

post engineering feedback processing

the post engineering feedback processing mechanism of the stamping workshop will log in, summarize and analyze the post engineering feedback parts problems, determine the causes and teams, and make countermeasures to prevent recurrence


the above are some experience of our company in the stamping production process. Through the strict implementation of the above work, we can maximize the quality of stamping parts and stabilize the quality of the whole vehicle. (end)

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