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Control of the quality of copper plating on printed circuit boards

control of the quality of copper plating these new materials have excellent functions and perfect service chain

Quality Control of copper plating on through holes is very important, because the development of multilayer or laminated boards towards high-density, high-precision and multi-function requires more and more stringent requirements for the adhesion, uniformity, fineness, tensile strength and elongation of copper plating, Therefore, the quality control of through-hole electroplating is particularly important. In order to ensure the uniformity and consistency of the through-hole copper plating layer, in the copper plating process of high aspect ratio printed circuit boards, most of them are carried out under the condition of relatively low current density with the assistance of high-quality additives and the need to increase the output pressure, combined with appropriate air stirring and cathode movement, so as to enlarge the electrode reaction control area in the hole, and the effect of electroplating additives can be shown, In addition, the cathode movement is very conducive to the improvement of the deep plating ability of the plating solution, and the polarization of the plated parts is increased, which is powerful! BASF specially developed 3D printing material for HP. The nucleation rate and grain growth rate in the electrodeposition process of the coating compensate each other, so as to obtain a high toughness copper layer

of course, the current density is set according to the actual plating area of the plated printed circuit board. 2. From the solution analysis of electroplating principle on a solid foundation or workbench, the value of current density must also be based on the main salt concentration of high acid and low copper electrolyte, solution temperature, additive content, stirring degree and other factors. In a word, the process parameters and conditions of copper electroplating should be strictly controlled to ensure that the thickness of copper plating layer in the hole meets the provisions of technical standards

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