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The quality control equipment of printing in offset printing

II. Printing equipment

(1) transmission stability of printing equipment

the overall stability of printing equipment sums up the effect of direct computer, including the collection and transmission of test data, the working principle of reaction notch hydraulic impact specimen broaching machine, analysis, display and printing, which is related to the stability of image reproduction process. Here, the stability of printing equipment, Including the transmission accuracy of the printing press, the dynamic balance of the printing transmission parts, the uniformity of the transmission speed and the stability of the matching accuracy between various components. These problems will be directly related to the transmission quality of the printing copy process, such as the stability of points, the stability of ink consumption, and the stability of pressure. These will directly affect the quality of printed matter

· in actual printing, we must consider the accuracy and stability of the equipment itself for different printing products. If the stability of the equipment itself cannot meet the requirements, it is absolutely impossible to print a good print. This also puts forward that in daily production, we should not ignore the maintenance of the equipment while ensuring the output. Having stable equipment is the premise of printing good print

(2) the positioning of the paper in the transmission process of the printing machine is accurate and stable

after entering the machine from Feida, the paper is continuously transferred in the positioning and handover mechanism of the machine, and the accurate operation of each step will be related to the overprint accuracy of the substrate

· first of all, Feida, including all components on Feida, should always ensure the stability of Feida paper separation and transfer, and pay attention to the maintenance of the air pump, and pay attention to the replacement and maintenance of seriously worn parts

· then there are various parts on the paperboard, including the outer wheel of the low-pressure sealing of the paper pressing at the second stage, the brush, the double sheet controller, the paper conveying belt, etc. on the premise of ensuring the reasonable adjustment of the working position and tightness, we should pay more attention to the symmetry of the parts on both sides of the paperboard. Avoid paper skew

· front gauge, side gauge, swing tooth. Adjust strictly according to the angular relationship of the equipment to avoid inaccurate positioning and handover errors

· roller bite (including embossing roller bite and paper delivery roller bite), as above, pay attention to the accuracy of adjustment

all the mechanisms mentioned above are directly related to the overprint relationship of printed matter. Only by reasonably adjusting and ensuring the absolute accurate operation of these mechanisms can we make the printed products have more accurate overprint

(3) imprinting mechanism. The ideal working state of the imprinting mechanism is to use the ideal printing pressure, and the pressure is stable and unchanged during operation. (see process control for the pressure regulation principle. 1. Abnormal movement of the indicator of the spring fatigue tester:)

(4) water (ink) circuit. The requirements of the water (ink) path are to make the water (ink) spread evenly, the pressure between the water (ink) rollers be uniform, and the pressure between the water (ink) rollers and the printing plate be uniform and reasonable. The specific requirements should be determined according to the requirements of different machines

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