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Starch Market weakens, risks and opportunities coexist

release date: Source: zhuochuang paper

in early March, the domestic corn starch market entered the decline channel, and local enterprises reduced prices by varying degrees, while in the "buy up not buy down" mentality, the downstream wait-and-see mood increased. The corn price fluctuates repeatedly, which has limited positive stimulation to the corn starch Market, and the overall market is still dominated by a downward trend

the domestic corn starch market began in late February. With the upsurge of centralized replenishment in the downstream market and the increase in raw material costs, the spot market of corn starch in North China showed a high-level upward trend. Although the market price in North China increased by only 0.67% compared with that before the holiday, the enthusiasm of downstream enterprises, including terminal enterprises, for purchasing high-priced goods sources was significantly weakened and resisted, and the market quickly entered the downward channel from the rising trend. The data shows that the cumulative decline of mainstream manufacturers of corn starch within the day is between/ton. From the monitoring of the market situation, there is no sign of stopping the decline

according to the late trend of corn starch and market influencing factors, 30 salespersons and traders of large and medium-sized production enterprises were investigated. The results of the investigation are shown in the above table when avoiding system reinstallation

it can be seen from the above table that the mainstream market participants are still not optimistic about the short-term trend of corn starch, which is also one of the countries with the largest import volume of plastics and waste plastics. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Recently, the operating load of the domestic corn starch industry has been rising. With the resumption of production and ignition by some production reduction and repair enterprises, the current operating rate of the industry has risen to more than 60%, and some enterprises will resume production next week, and the market supply continues to increase. 2. Restricted by the current high price of corn starch, the amount of substitution and addition in downstream paper mills, three flour and flour industries has decreased significantly, and is currently in the off-season of demand. The operating load of some large sugar mills is only about 50% to 70%, and the demand for raw materials is insufficient, and the pressure of market supply and demand is gradually emerging. 3. At present, the price of raw materials is at a high level and fluctuates repeatedly. It is difficult for the cost to have obvious upward and downward trend changes, and its guiding role in the corn starch Market is weakened. Recently, the industry has paid more attention to the changes and impact of the supply and demand fundamentals of the corn starch Market, so the mentality is empty, accounting for the majority

in the short term, the negative impact of supply and demand fundamentals prevails. The competitive sale of corn starch Market is fierce. With the increase of supply and sales pressure, major enterprises lack confidence in price support, and the spot price may continue a weak downward trend. Although the quotation of some enterprises remained stable, the focus of transaction negotiation also fell slowly with the mainstream of the market. In the medium and long term, with the digestion of early orders in the downstream, the desire for low prices has increased, according to experts. The price of corn starch is axz - Corrugated constant; The grid may gradually stabilize and there are opportunities for rebound

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