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Starting from the "heart", Reza heavy machinery starts the "super" journey

starting from the "heart", Reza heavy machinery starts the "super" journey

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recently, Reza released the "super heavy machinery" strategy! Through the national R & D center of Foton automobile group, it has linked the "black technology" of China and Germany, developed in Germany according to European standards, met the strict testing and certification of the European Union, and achieved a super heavy machine that meets the ideal value of users of medium and high-end construction machinery in the world. It also opened a new chapter of win-win cooperation between Foton Daimler, Cummins power and many strategic partners and Reza heavy machinery

at the press conference, Terrence Taylor, general manager of Cummins commercial vehicles, delivered a speech on behalf of the super alliance. He introduced that as a leading power equipment manufacturer in the world, Cummins provides power for different applications to more than 1000 main engine plants around the world in terms of heavy machinery. Cummins has manufacturing bases in America, Europe and Asia, and has 7200 service points in more than 190 countries and regions around the world. At the same time, Cummins has served Chinese users for 40 years. For 40 years, Cummins has always adhered to technological innovation and constantly met the needs of Chinese users. ISG super power, which was launched in 2014, is a new generation of diesel power platform jointly developed by Cummins and Foton automobile by integrating global resources. With the advantages of low deadweight, low emissions, low fuel consumption, high reliability, high safety, and an ultra long maintenance cycle of 100000 kilometers, it has been widely recognized by construction machinery users

nowadays, "smart, interconnected, green, shared by the end of 1980s" has become the mainstream direction of the development of the world's heavy machinery industry. As the "heart" of heavy machinery, the engine also follows the pace of global heavy machinery development, and the technology continues to upgrade. Cummins drives the development of intelligent heavy machinery with power upgrading, and plays an active role in improving the reliability of diesel power, reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption. As the latest heavy-duty engine product, Cummins ISG heavy-duty engine is well matched with Reza heavy-duty engine. It can easily upgrade Euro 6 on the same platform while meeting the emission standards of "national five", Euro 4 and Euro 5. Its power is stronger, its weight is lighter, and its noise is lower, whether it is power and torque, fuel efficiency, safety and reliability, ISG engine has set a new benchmark in the industry in terms of the main performance of heavy trucks

as the leader of emission upgrading, Reza super heavy machinery adheres to the emission upgrading technical route of "high-pressure common rail", adopts Cummins' new generation of ISG green clean power, and achieves the power upgrading of "high emission standards and no generation difference in technology". Reza ISG power mixer equipped with Cummins' new generation ISG clean power has sold more than 1000 units in just one and a half years, with its leading 1. 5% Experimental curve: digital display can only provide users with a simple curve frame fuel-saving technology, which can save 18000 yuan of fuel consumption a year and bring optimal efficiency to enterprises. It is known as "a practical fuel-saving weapon"

in addition, the unique Tianyuan system of Cummins has outstanding advantages in fuel consumption evaluation, driver behavior management, engine health monitoring and high-value consulting services. It can easily monitor the vehicle situation through app. Customers highly recognize the powerful function of Tianyuan system while saving costs

in the face of high-tech and intensive heavy machinery manufacturing industry, Cummins and Foton Reza will work together with customers as the center on the basis of giving full play to their respective advantages. At the end of June this year, Foton Cummins joint system integration center was established. Based on the power system, Cummins car service and data team integrated the global platform engineering team, and used more global resources to support Reza super heavy machinery to achieve greater digital value and provide customers with system integration solutions. It can be said that Reza super heavy machinery, equipped with Cummins ISG super power, is leading a new round of green upgrading revolution of China's heavy machinery with its superior cost performance characteristics of fuel saving, safety, reliability, comfort and low operating cost

in the face of the upgrading trend of China's heavy machinery industry and market user demand towards high-end, efficient, green and intelligent, coupled with Cummins ISG super power, a global engine giant, Reza super heavy machinery will redefine the new height of medium and high-end heavy machinery quality standards, bring more outstanding value to users with world-class quality, and become a powerful main menu for "made in China" to participate in world industry competition

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