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With honor, start again - Schneider Electric's key power business won many industry awards in 2019

- in 2019, Schneider Electric's key power business department won more than 20 industry awards in leadership, solutions and projects

- industry analysts Media and association organizations have affirmed the extraordinary achievements of Schneider Electric's key power business unit

- Schneider Electric's key power business unit will continue to provide innovative power, refrigeration products and digital solutions for data centers, distributed it and industry critical applications

on February 24, 2020, Beijing - Schneider Electric, an expert in digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, announced, In 2019, its key power business department won more than 20 industry awards in terms of leadership, products and projects, and was in a leading position in the data center and it industry. In addition to these awards, many media, analysts and industry associations have also recognized the achievements of key power business departments through well-known rankings. Recently, canalys, an independent technology channel research company, has just named Schneider Electric as the "channel leadership champion" in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

pankajsharma, global executive vice president of Schneider Electric's key power business unit, said: "The awards we received in the past year fully recognize our position as industry leaders and our commitment to establishing macro-control and market conditioning mechanisms for customers, employees and the environment. We are committed to providing customers with innovative energy management solutions so that everyone can enjoy life anytime, anywhere in an all electric and all digital world. These awards show that our efforts to achieve this mission are Fruitful. "

diversity and inclusiveness drive innovation

in the past year, senior managers of key power business units have been widely recognized for their leadership and influence in the industry. Schneider Electric's innovative thinking and commitment to diversity are the two factors that make it stand out, and have won many honors for it, including:

- kevinbrown, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Schneider Electric ecostruxure solutions, was nominated as the "chief marketing officer of iotworld" of the solution provider category. Iotworld recognized Brown's ability to promote innovation and accept change in the IT industry. Brown said, "our idea is simple: we put customers' needs first and are committed to helping them achieve their goals. According to my experience, a diverse team helps us deepen our understanding of customers and their needs, so as to form a competitive advantage."

- stevencarlini, vice president of Schneider Electric innovation and data center, was shortlisted in the "future100" of dataeconomy magazine. He is known as one of the most noteworthy figures in the next decade. These figures will have a significant impact on the global data center and cloud market

- ivonnevaldes, vice president of Schneider Electric's global strategic customers, was awarded the "champion of diversity and inclusiveness of infrastructuremasons in 2019". The award aims to recognize industry leaders who have made a significant impact on women and vulnerable groups, thereby helping the digital infrastructure industry attract and retain diverse talents. Valdes has also been selected into the "HITEC top 100" list for the ninth consecutive year

-crn2019 Annual Women's channel Leader Award - seven executives from Schneider Electric's key power business department were recognized for their channel expertise and insight, thereby encouraging the next generation of women to join the technology industry

-hitec100 list - the Spanish Information Technology Executive Committee nominated three executives from Schneider Electric's key power business department to be shortlisted in the "top 100 most influential and well-known Hispanic Professionals in the technology industry"

Schneider Electric's edge computing solution won the grand prize for its innovation and design.

Schneider Electric's key power business unit has a strong influence in the data center industry, and is now promoting the transformation to network edge computing. 2. Schneider Electric Data Center and edge computing solutions also received strong support in attracting investment. In 019, Schneider Electric Data Center and edge computing solutions won many awards, including:

-ecostruxureitexpert, the industry's first generation cloud based data center infrastructure management solution, and won many awards, including: "2019 network computing Award - the best it optimization product of the year"; "2019 DCS Award - Annual Award for information and communication technology management innovation in data center"; "2019 SDC Award - Annual Award for AI/machine learning innovation". Ecostruxureitexpert has officially launched the "Fengyun Hui" digital platform in China in the first quarter of 2020

-ecostruxurepoddatacenter won the "2019 electric Review Award - Annual Award for data center design and construction products". The award aims to recognize Schneider Electric's innovation in the data center infrastructure market and the industry-leading position of this solution

the project helps it channel partners maximize success

Schneider Electric's key power business unit has a leading brand in the field of global integrated it physical infrastructure - APC under Schneider Electric. APC's global partner network includes more than 150000 IT solution providers. In order to ensure the growth of partners, Schneider Electric continuously establishes and improves its partner projects and training projects, so as to provide the best support for partners. In 2019, Schneider Electric channel project won many top honors in the industry, including:

- CrN rated APC under Schneider Electric as a "five-star channel partner project" for the 10th consecutive year, because it provided first-class training, financial resources and marketing assistance

- in the canalys channel leadership matrix in December 2019, APC under Schneider Electric was rated as the "champion" of the tensile deformation channel in varying degrees for all samples between the two fixtures. This honor recognizes Schneider Electric's key power business unit's investment in its EMEA channel partner project process, which aims to make business operations simpler and easier. In addition, this honor also affirmed APC's priority investment in helping partners improve profitability and business models, and its commitment to increasing revenue through partners

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