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Get started with GHD platinum+ red Giftset flaming red deluxe gift box platinum straight board clip evaluation

this GHD platinum + Red Giftset flaming red deluxe gift box platinum straight roll dual-purpose straight board clip was newly launched in August. This gift box has been started by a cat for a period of time. Share your views on its use as follows:

cut into EPS buffer materials The long-awaited GHD platinum+ red Giftset straight board clip in the new field of semiconductor packaging materials and thin honeycomb paper packaging materials. The gift box packaging is atmospheric and high-grade. The frosted texture feels very good, and the temperature rises quickly. The quality of GHD straight board clip is well-known, that is, the dual-use of straight roll is an issue that cannot be neglected. You need to be familiar with the operation, the heating is very fast, the heating prompt sound is very convenient, the hair is thin and soft, and the one hand clip is very fast and natural, The curler can only clamp the front properly. Every time when it's a little warm after use, wipe it with a spectacle cloth. Use an eyebrow brush to scrape the hair loss inside the machine equipped with a hydraulic chuck. Buy a thermal insulation spray, spray it before curling, dry it after curling, and use it now. Overall, I'm quite satisfied

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ghd platinum+ red Giftset straight board clip price quotation:

ghd platinum+ red Giftset flaming red exclusive gift box platinum straight board clip has activities, the original price is ¥ 2495.00, and the price of the event is ¥ 2052.00. Friends in need, Please click here to view the activity quotation of tmall overseas flagship store

GHD platinum + Red Giftset straight clip configuration parameters:

GHD platinum + Red Giftset straight clip other user comments:

1. Super brand, very good! I bought the white one without + before, which is more than 1000. It's good to use. I was bitten by my parrot when I went traveling. I found that I couldn't use it at all with other splints. The effect of natural hair care was completely unmatched with GHD, so I simply bought this limited upgrade. I really like it. It's so beautiful. My hair is thick, hard, thick and naturally curled. Since I had it, it has been basically saved

2. This color is really speechless and really beautiful. There is a prominent pattern on the object. There is nothing on the photo, but it is still a little uncomfortable to see obsessive-compulsive disorder on the grip. There is no suitable socket head, and there is no Startup Test in all the insulation materials. I didn't dare to try it randomly. I heard that the power supply was unstable and it was easy to lock the machine, so I bought the converter and started it again. The overall specialty has a texture, and the comb is also good. It's a big one, and I instantly feel that my head is small and my hair is less. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I didn't try the hair dryer. I really like it

3. It's amazing! I am a thick sofa. The straightening of the straight board I used before makes my hands and arms sour, and the size of the straight board is still very wide. But this GHD is easy to straighten and fit, and it's done without feeling tired. And premium red is so beautiful... Great! It's not hahaha that doesn't spend money. For friends in need, please click here to view tmall's more popular model recommendations

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