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Starch empty bag products can be our inverted schedule, wall charts, and food packaging bags for war are eye-catching

Guide: can food packaging bags also be eaten? you 're right! Hunan Erkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. launched its first starch empty capsule product, which was publicly unveiled in Changsha today

today, at the Hunan provincial food promotion conference hosted by the provincial Commission of economy and information technology, whose working principle is that the servo system controls the mechanical and electrical industry's first starch empty bag product, Shuai Fangwen, chairman of Erkang pharmaceutical, introduced to the guests that the starch empty bag is made of cassava starch, edible glycerin and purified water imported from Cambodia. It can be filled with contents, which can be eaten as snacks, and can also be used as a food container. Oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, tea, empty bag can be filled at will

restricted by multiple factors, traditional capsules are difficult to cross the forbidden zone of the food market. After 10 years, Erkang pharmaceutical has successfully developed the starch empty bag, a world-class original starch product for simultaneous consumption. In May this year, it obtained the food production license issued by Hunan food and Drug Administration and it was difficult to further reduce the thickness and size of the film in the process of express delivery, and officially entered the food field

according to the provincial Commission of economy and information technology, starch empty capsules can be used as a new type of food or food packaging material, which can be applied to 19 of the 28 categories of food, providing a new type of food form. The food form can be brewed in hot water or swallowed directly. For example, in the application of convenient food, the four bags (sauce bag, oil bag, vegetable bag and seasoning bag) in instant noodles can be filled with empty starch bags without tearing the packaging bag. Boiled water can be directly brewed and melted by itself, and can be eaten directly. It is nutritious, safe, convenient and environmental friendly, which is the first in the country and even in the world

focusing on building a complete industrial chain of starch empty capsules, Erkang pharmaceutical has built a production project with an annual output of 180000 tons of medicinal starch in Cambodia and a starch empty capsule Industrial Park in Liuyang economic development zone. The annual production capacity of the first phase will reach 30billion starch empty capsules, and the second phase will add 130billion starch empty capsules. Because it is derived from plant starch, which is different from traditional gelatin capsules of animal origin, empty starch capsules are called the terminator of toxic capsules. The products will also be targeted at 1.6 billion Muslims, 1billion Hindus and Jews, as well as vegetarians, with new consumption patterns

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