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Start with Huawei matebook x Pro 2019 13.9-inch notebook advantages and disadvantages evaluation

recently started this Huawei matebook x Pro 2019 13.9-inch notebook, which can be used for sample measurement after sharing views are as follows:

advantages: 3K gorgeous full screen, 91% of the screen, 3:2 display ratio, ten touch control, automatic text recognition, three finger sliding screenshot, one touch file transmission screen function and performance upgrade, iu+mx250, dual antenna wi3 The equipment should be placed in a wide place. FI and Bluetooth 5.0, full speed lightning 3 interface

disadvantages: the price is slightly expensive, a little lower, more people-friendly

summary: the screen is very amazing, and the brightness is brighter than Mac. There is almost no frame, the whole machine is made very thin, and the workmanship and design are excellent. Objectively speaking, the screen is really amazing, with excellent image quality, more serious heat dissipation than expected, and the common problem of super cost... The battery life is really strong, and it takes more than 10 hours to fully charge. For graphics software such as CAD latitude, it generally doesn't get stuck, and the big picture will get a small card. It's a good experience after using it for a week, but it's a pity that apple is perfect with Huawei. On the whole, it's very satisfied, and you can give a score of 89 points

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Huawei matebook x Pro detailed configuration parameters:

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