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Starting from 20000 yuan, Yuchai 100 billion aircraft carrier set sail

Guide: editor's note: at the end of Xinmao year, Yuchai group ushered in its 60th birthday! 60 one Jia Zi. The ambition to revitalize national industry has always been surging in the hearts of Yuchai people from generation to generation. With the indomitable fighting spirit and iron like will and belief, Yuchai people have braved the path, cut through thorns and thorns, and worked hard to make a past

Editor's note: at the end of Xinmao, Yuchai group ushered in its 60th birthday

60 yijiazi. The ambition to revitalize national industry has always been surging in the hearts of Yuchai people from generation to generation. With indomitable fighting spirit and iron like will and belief, Yuchai people worked hard to build a former manual workshop into the country's largest internal combustion engine production base, with a cumulative engine production and sales of 4.6 million units, composing a powerful Chinese power symphony

60 years of Yuchai is a profound and broad history of self-improvement, and a long cultural river with deep deposits

from today on, this newspaper will launch a series of special reports in order to reflect the colorful and brilliant of Yuchai group through "drops of water". Please pay attention to it

as the 60th anniversary celebration of Yuchai plant is approaching, the scene of the grand opening has been imagined and performed countless times in the minds of many young Yuchai people. The face of youth is full of joy, excitement and hope

and more of the older generation of Yuchai people, under the exaggeration of the festive atmosphere, inadvertently opened the door of memory again and read the magnificent historical scroll of Jiazi Yuchai...

in 1951, Yuchai, which started in Yulin quantang industrial society, had a capital of only 20000 yuan

in 2011, Yuchai has more than 26000 employees, an annual output of 750000 engines, and its products are sold to more than 80 countries around the world. The annual sales revenue at the beginning of the "12th Five Year Plan" has exceeded the 40 billion yuan mark, and is proudly moving towards the goal of "100 billion aircraft carriers"

Yuchai people have been striving for self-improvement and expanding their territory for 60 years. With hundreds of times of hardship, they have created the miracle of "trump power" and created the "Yuchai myth" in the industry


at first, the industrial society mainly cultivated wasteland and manufactured agricultural tools. In 1958, it caught up with the "three-year period of great development". The industrial society wanted to break new ground, so it took the initiative to accept the task of trial manufacturing 1140 horizontal 10 HP gas engine. Although there were many difficulties, it was finally won and the trial production task was successfully completed

this move began to write the history of Yuchai as an engine manufacturing base

over the next 20 years, the trial production of threshers, gas engines, gasoline vehicles, light agricultural vehicles, and the continuous development and gradual expansion of the industrial society. It was not until 1979 that the design and trial production of x6105q automotive eddy current diesel engine really entered the automotive diesel engine industry

"this action has laid the foundation of Yuchai's cause and developed a new type of testing machine for fatigue tests of heavy-duty railway bridges." Li Tiansheng, Party Secretary of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., believes that

however, Yuchai, located in a small border town, has neither industrial foundation, supporting resources, nor policy support, and has been divorced from the ranks of national mainstream engine enterprises

The reality of survival in the cracks gave birth to Yuchai people's unusual sense of hardship and spirit of innovation and struggle

when the wind of reform and opening up just blew from the south, Yuchai people smelled the breath of spring the fastest. They dared to be the first and began to go out and "rush"

in the early 1980s, Yuchai and several domestic mainstream engine enterprises jointly developed 6105Q engine. Due to the pending issue of "high temperature boiling", Yuchai cooperated with Shanghai Industrial and agricultural power machine, and after three rounds of modification, finally chose to replace the vortex combustion chamber technology with direct injection combustion chamber, which successfully overcome the problems that plagued the industry

for quite a long time after that, 6105Q engine and its subsequent improved model 6105QA have become the main model of Yuchai

Shen Jie, chief engineer of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., said, "this move has had a far-reaching impact on promoting China's commercial vehicle industry to shift from gasoline engines to diesel engines."

with the success of these two models, Yuchai has successfully ranked among the domestic mainstream engine enterprises


by the 1990s, although the market performance was getting better, Yuchai was in a development Impasse: plans to expand production capacity and increase R & D investment could not be realized due to lack of funds

Wang Jianming, then the director of Yuchai factory, who chose the gear to be tested (150kn or 300KN), deeply felt the urgency of implementing the reform. Wang Jianming was ruthless: change! "Innovation" became the key word in those years

in 1992, Yuchai was the first in the business world to implement joint-stock reform and establish Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. At the same time, the head office was transformed into Yuchai Machinery Group Company, and as the initiator, it fully subscribed for the joint-stock company 1 Billion shares, 80million legal person shares were issued at a premium through targeted raising, raising 240million yuan. "This precious fund created the first opportunity for Yuchai to take off!" Wang Jianming said. At the same time, the establishment of the joint-stock company made Yuchai embark on the road of modern enterprise management, opened up an important channel for the development of the factory, which can not only widely raise capital, but also not completely controlled by the state investment restrictions, and injected new vitality and vitality into the enterprise management mechanism. This year, the joint stock company introduced the 6112 diesel engine production line of Ford in Brazil

in the following years, Yuchai made many innovations in the joint-stock reform. In 1994, Yuchai reformed the joint-stock company into a Sino foreign joint venture, introduced foreign investors, and successfully issued shares indirectly on the New York Stock Exchange, raising $75million. This year, Yuchai wrote a wonderful page: engines occupy half of the national market! It was also during this period that Yuchai began to form an international vision that surpassed the previous wave of hot speculation in its peers, such as graphene batteries, and opened the curtain of enterprise management reform and technological innovation

just as the stock market rises and falls, the sea rises and falls. In 1996, the development of Yuchai began to slow down under the influence of national macro-control and its own product simplification structure

in the face of adversity, Yuchai people did not let it go. They focused their "searchlight" on themselves: they carried out drastic innovation in terms of the crux exposed in products, quality, technology and services

innovation has become an excellent driving force for Yuchai to sail against the current and sail out to sea

entering the new millennium, Yuchai once again presents a high-speed development trend. At the 50th anniversary of the founding of Yuchai in 2001, the 660000 engine went offline. With the launching of construction machinery, parts, logistics and other sectors, Yuchai has embarked on the road of cross regional, cross industry, multi variety and group operation. In 2004, Yuchai not only cooperated with American strategic capital, but also signed a cooperation agreement with Delphi, which began to supply diesel engines to General Motors sold in North America and Europe

in 2005, when the development of Yuchai fell into a period of confusion again, another key figure, Yan Ping, appeared at the right time. Yan Ping, then director of Yulin development and Reform Commission, "parachuted" Yuchai, and immediately launched a series of "storm" operations. Although the outside world thought it was an incredible move like "snake swallowing elephant", Yan Ping bravely sounded the battle drum of "rebuilding a jade firewood in three years"

this is not only a reconstruction on a high platform, but also a bold commitment. Facts have proved that Yuchai has not broken his promise

in 2008, Yuchai completed the renewal of enterprise mechanism and the reconstruction of vitality simultaneously behind the doubling of sales revenue to 20billion yuan. "Green development, harmony and win-win" has completely replaced "people-oriented, striving for the first, zero starting point" and become the core value concept of Yuchai in the new historical stage

during this period, Yuchai has further strengthened its R & D strength through the introduction of cooperation and independent innovation. The self-developed national 4 and 5 emission engines, Euro VI emission engines and hybrid engines have always been at the forefront of the industry from trial production to mass production


"be good at your plan and then move into Tao." The meaning of Yang Xiong's words in the Han Dynasty is "only after planning can we move quickly and well"

as the closing year of the eleventh five year plan, 2010 has become an important year in the development history of Yuchai. The group entered the ranks of enterprises with 30billion yuan for the first time, which is equivalent to rebuilding the two Yuchai scales at the end of the tenth five year plan, and its core competitiveness has been greatly improved. The group's annual cumulative sales revenue was 37 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 36%, and the sales volume of engines was 7496.71 million units, a year-on-year increase of 11.13%. Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., the core enterprise of the group, sold more than 550000 engines, with an increase of 18%; The sales volume was 16.96 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 25.9%

to achieve the goal of entering the "100 billion group" at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, what is Yuchai's next step

Yuchai group has started the "planning layout" of each project in the country. On the basis of full preparation, under the guidance of the core concept of "green development, harmony and win-win results", Yuchai people began to fight in the north and south, expand in the East and West, build industrial bases all over the country, and form a development pattern of "two product chains, multiple industrial clusters" and "six plates driving together" - Yuchai needs to rely on two product chains and six industrial plates to achieve sales revenue of 100billion yuan

how to make national brands go global? Yuchai put forward the new concept of "excellent quality, international Yuchai" to lead the industry. From country 1 to Europe VI, from high-speed engines to medium and low-speed high-power marine and locomotive engines, from hydraulic excavators to mining vehicles, all interpret the connotation of "excellence and leadership" one by one; With "zero defect, zero tolerance" as the quality concept and lean manufacturing as the goal, we have made every effort to build the brand image of high-end Yuchai machine; With the purpose of "giving everything I have, doing my best, wholeheartedly serving users and being honest in the world", we have carefully created the "gold medal service" in the automotive industry

with the basic skills of "internal" and "external" training, Yan Ping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group, is confident about the goal of "100 billion Yuchai"

tangxianyun, general manager of the planning department of Yuchai Group Co., Ltd., said that "two product chains" refer to the engine and construction machinery product chains. Among them, the engine product chain is based on medium-sized diesel engines, which are fully stretched at both ends. It is composed of micro, light, medium and heavy engines. The plastic film is developing rapidly in a certain direction (longitudinal/transverse) towards low speed and breaking elongation. Many industrial clusters include six industrial sectors: engine, construction machinery, logistics, automobile trade, energy and chemical industry, parts and components, and special purpose vehicles

the reason why Yan Ping is confident is that at present, in addition to Yulin Engine Co., Ltd., Yuchai also has an engine plant in Xiamen, and the marine engine plant in Zhuhai has also been completed and put into operation. In addition, Anhui Wuhu engine plant was officially put into operation last December. It can be predicted that at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the output value of Yuchai's main engine sector will reach 80billion yuan. In the parts sector, in addition to the existing engines and other automotive related parts, Yuchai also established a remanufacturing company in Suzhou last year through a joint venture with caterpillar of the United States. In 2015, this sector can achieve about 7billion yuan. In addition, the construction machinery, logistics, automobile trade, energy and chemical industry and special purpose vehicles sectors will undertake the remaining tasks of more than 20 billion yuan

in order to ensure the realization of "100 billion Yuchai", the leading group of the group formulated the "intensive cultivation of market segments, clear up"

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