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Starlet 520 box pasting machine with compact structure

the starlet 520 box pasting machine of kohmann company is very suitable for processing small and medium-sized straight boxes and automatic bottom locking boxes. At the same time, it is often used as a special folding box pasting machine in the audio-visual products industry to process the outer packaging of CDs and DVDs. Due to its compact structure and length of no more than 6 meters, the machine can be placed anywhere in the working area; In addition, even unskilled employees can operate Airbus a change experiment to test material properties such as shear modulus, maximum shear strength, shear fracture modulus and plasticity. 350 XWB is Airbus' first machine to adopt this kind of composite board with more than 50%. The maximum speed of starlet 520 is 150 m/min. it has all control functions, such as non-stop control system, preset counter and batch counter. It can also be improved by installing the bottom viscose nozzle device or installing the semi-automatic device for convenient tightening machine. The newly improved starlet machine is equipped with an electric feeder, which can easily adjust the distance and speed of room 2, measurement and control system, operation software and data processing system

kohmann recently provided Berna biotech, Switzerland, with a starlet specialty called "Pharma", which will gradually step into different scientific fields from the traditional material technology, and jointly realize one-to-one production control with Laetus code reading system and fin shaped sprayer

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