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Starting from Belarus, Zoomlion's new footprint of the "the Belt and Road"

starting from Belarus, Zoomlion's new footprint of the "the Belt and Road"

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on April 15 local time, Zoomlion's China Belarus Industrial Park project officially commenced construction in Minsk, Belarus. Du Jiahao, Secretary of Hunan provincial Party committee, personally left a blessing at the foundation laying ceremony: "congratulations on the successful commencement of Zoomlion Belarus plant."

in his speech, Secretary Du Jiahao expressed the hope that Zoomlion, with the care and support of Belarus, would strengthen planning demonstration and scientific design, seriously organize the implementation, ensure the quality of the project, achieve production and achieve results as soon as possible, and jointly build Zoomlion Belarus Industrial Park into a bright pearl on the China Belarus Industrial Park and even the "Silk Road Economic Belt"

from the start of the project in May 2015 to the commencement and laying of the foundation today, Zoomlion has made amazing achievements in Belarus. Counting these more than 600 days, it seems that the entry of Zhongbai industrial park can give a glimpse of the new footprint of Zoomlion's "the Belt and Road"

Zoomlion Zhongbai Industrial Park covers an area of 200 mu, with a total investment of 50million US dollars. In the future, it will become a localized R & D and production base for concrete machinery, engineering hoisting machinery, environmental sanitation machinery, agricultural machinery and other equipment, and its annual sales revenue will reach 300million US dollars after it is put into operation

the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion said that Belarus has a stable political situation and a superior geographical location, which connects the CIS market and the EU market. At the same time, as one of the industrial bases of the former Soviet Union, Belarus has a good industrial foundation, machinery manufacturing, etc. are at the world's leading level, and the transportation is convenient and the cost of goods transportation is low

"the reason for entering the park is that enterprises have the need to explore the international market. Setting up factories directly overseas can avoid some trade barriers faced by domestic products, and can easily enter the markets of regional countries."

under the "the Belt and Road" initiative, the curtain of Zoomlion international production capacity cooperation, which is driven by the China Belarus Industrial Park, has opened

two years of close cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results

from 2015 to 2017, Zoomlion and the Ministry of industry of Belarus continued to cooperate closely and interact closely in order to speed up this plan and realize localized production faster

Shortly after the launch of the project, Zoomlion found a partner in Belarus - maz group, a well-known local enterprise

as an old car manufacturer, maz's history can be traced back to 1945. As one of the representatives of state-owned industrial enterprises in Belarus, maz is called "mechanical monster" by the outside world. As a technical expert of the Soviet Union's assistance to China, he became a teacher of Dongfeng, Jiefang and other domestic automobile brands

Zoomlion and maz group are both doers. The two sides hit it off immediately, and the localized production project was launched immediately. Seven months later, that is, in December 2015, the 40 ton truck crane, 60 ton truck crane and 16 ton sanitation road sweeper with maz group chassis and Zoomlion maz top mounted brand were hot offline in maz factory

the product offline deeply shocked Mr. wofk, the Minister of industry of Belarus, "it really surprised me that the product has been produced in Belarus only half a year after the project was launched."

during the offline ceremony, Mr. wofk watched the product carefully. In addition to surprises and surprises, he immediately expressed his willingness to endorse and promote Zoomlion maz products

Mr. wofk did what he said. At the 2016 BMW exhibition in Germany, the zoomlion-maz brand truck crane made its debut at the International Industry Exhibition for the first time, and Mr. wofk came to the scene to promote it

president Lukashenko praised the efficient cooperation of Zoomlion

in August 2016, the delegation of Hunan Province visited Belarus, and Zoomlion went with the delegation as a representative enterprise. This visit was very high-level, and was personally received by President Lukashenko of Belarus. During the talks, President Lukashenko fully affirmed the efficient cooperation between Zoomlion and maz in R & D and production, and called the talks "a good start for China Belarus cooperation to enter a new stage of large-scale investment project implementation"

president Lukashenko attaches great importance to the cooperation between Zoomlion and maz. Previously, he personally inspected maz group and reviewed the Zoomlion maz truck crane and sanitation equipment

this visit also brought the cooperation between Zoomlion and maz a step closer. The two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement, established a Zoomlion maz working group, and began the preparation of the joint venture and product improvement

all the preparations are ready, and the efficiency of Zoomlion once again amazed everyone. On April 15, 2017 local time, the foundation laying ceremony of Zoomlion China Belarus Industrial Park was held in Minsk

as Mr. Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said in the foundation laying activities, the Zoomlion Belarus Industrial Park project is a concrete embodiment of the implementation of the Chinese and Belarusian heads of state on the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Belarus. Therefore, "in Belarus, a beautiful country, with the support of the Chinese and white governments and the efforts of all parties, Zoomlion Belarus Industrial Park will create more value and carry more friendship for the two peoples, and become a model of China Belarus economic and trade cooperation."

down to earth "localization" to walk out of the new footprint of the the Belt and Road

under the "the Belt and Road" initiative, enterprises should not only seize the opportunity to "go", but also think about "how to go"

Zoomlion has been thinking about this problem in recent years

xiongyanming, vice president of Zoomlion Heavy Industries, once said, "internationalization initially simply sold products abroad, but now internationalization is to realize localization, to have local partners, to hire local people, to make local products, so internationalization needs to go out and go in."

therefore, Zoomlion has a clear understanding of overseas and the "the Belt and Road" - the expansion of globalization driven by localized operations, and the full integration of global waste plastics into 3D printing materials is conducive to reducing energy consumption in the ecological industrial chain

the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion said that the reason why we want to establish a joint venture with maz is the active and steady implementation of the established business model in Belarus, which will greatly promote the construction and operation of Zoomlion China Belarus Industrial Park project

"in the future, Zoomlion Zhongbai Industrial Park will provide customers in CIS countries and central and Eastern European markets with high-quality mechanical equipment products that provide localized design, localized manufacturing, localized services and localized parts supply. The Zhongbai Industrial Park project will greatly improve our local supply chain, provide supply response speed, and improve our core competitiveness."

this era belongs to the innovators who actively explore. I believe that taking advantage of the "the Belt and Road" east wind, Zoomlion will take a more firm and steady path of overseas development

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