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Start with [limited set of literature and art] handheld ireader T6 Beizhai flat 6-inch e-book touch-screen reader evaluation

[limited set of literature and art] handheld ireader T6 Beizhai flat 6-inch e-book touch-screen reader, double 11 pre-sale open, crazy province 328, to the hand as low as 898, the following Collection Trial user evaluation, functional features and user reputation

I. how about the performance of palm reading ireader T6 Beizhai, is it easy to use

trial model: handheld ireader T6 Beizhai flat 6-inch e-book

reference quotation: ¥ 968.00

trial for a week experience:

(1) the body is light and thin, and reading efficiency is higher. I like it very much. Even if there are no books in the bookstore, you can download and fill them, but the battery life is still 6. It's good to open the laboratory door, and you need to recharge it about once a day. At present, the overall sense of use is OK. I hope there are more suits in the back

(2) the first time I used an e-reader, it was very good, very comfortable to look at, and there were many resources. I also gave it to members for a year, which was highly praised

(3) each shell of the reader body has separate packaging and plastic packaging, which is not damaged and packed carefully. I have consulted several readers. This is the most satisfactory one in memory. It is used to bring professional books to study abroad. It is easy to use and has a long standby time. The app that has been used by palm reader before has also been registered, so it is not unfamiliar

positioned in the production base of high-end power lithium battery, quedangsheng technology also said in a recent research activity that it has been trying for three weeks: Please click here to view the detailed content introduction

II. Handheld ireader T6 Beizhai functional features and detailed configuration parameters:

functional features are shown in the following figure:

detailed configuration parameters:

(1) praise! The glasses look very comfortable, PDF, so after a long time of application, except that some of them look a little tired, others are good. The key is to use them smoothly, and the delay is not high

(2) I've been waiting for a long time, and I've been hesitating whether to buy a Kindle or ireader. Later, I heard that ireader has many Chinese resources, and finally I chose it. The ink screen is really comfortable, with backlight. It won't hurt your eyes at all during the day, and you can adjust the light yourself at night. It's very comfortable, and your eyes won't be dry and painful like this anymore. There are also many resources. Many VIP books are free, which is super happy. The only hot chicken is express delivery. It is said that the school can't get in. There is a main road next to the dormitory, and it's not stopped. What can't get in? The mobile beam automatically interrupts the automatic calibration function: the system can automatically complete the calibration process of indication accuracy to complete the function: the experimental process, measurement, display, etc. are all completed by the single chip microcomputer with the limit protection function. Just don't want to send it, put it in Fengchao, which is thousands of miles away, The attitude is particularly poor. Spicy chicken Suning logistics. I am very satisfied with everything except logistics! Go to tmall double 11 to check the latest activity quotation

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