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On April 24, "double star Yuchai logistics strategic cooperation" held a signing ceremony at the double star global model and market innovation center. According to the content of the agreement, the two sides will, through complementary advantages, jointly establish more than 100 steel structure enterprises with a middle-aged production capacity of more than 50000 tons, plan to customize tires for Yuchai, jointly tap the original car factory and replace market resources, jointly establish a new retail channel and service mode facing users, and create a new industry format through cross-border integration while building the first brand of port and bus tires

port transportation and vehicles have their own particularity, such as heavy load, frequent turns and large torque, which puts forward higher requirements for tires. The bus starts and stops in a hurry, the road conditions are complex, it is easy to collide with the roadside, and it should be wear-resistant, especially in order to ensure the safety of passengers, most countries have specially designed the bus tires. The customized tires jointly planned by Shuangxing and Yuchai can not only better meet these needs, but also have intelligent functions to realize the monitoring and early warning function of the whole process of tires

Guangxi Yuchai is one of the leaders in China's internal combustion engine industry, and its bus internal combustion engine and marine engine are in a leading position in the world. Yuchai logistics is one of the core members of Guangxi Yuchai. It is a national 4A comprehensive logistics enterprise, responsible for the construction of logistics warehousing, transportation and service stations in Guangxi Yuchai. It has more than 20 subsidiary companies, and has more than 200 searches in 28 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country. It can conduct operations and 240000 square meters of storage resources through the conditions of sample product name, specific date of experiment, experiment personnel, experiment results, etc, In particular, more than 3000 service stations across the country can provide users with satisfactory and thoughtful services. The launch of "Yuchai" customized tires can take advantage of the advantages of double stars and Yuchai logistics to provide users with more one-stop services, especially in buses and port transport vehicles

Shuangxing is an old state-owned rubber enterprise with a history of 98 years. It is the only state-owned main board listed company in the tire industry in Shandong Province. In recent years, Shuangxing has seized the opportunity of the fourth industrial revolution in the world, accelerated the transformation of enterprise intelligence, took the lead in establishing the first full process "industry 4.0" intelligent chemical plant in the global tire industry, cultivated three new industries: intelligent equipment, industrial intelligent logistics (including robots), and green recycling of waste rubber, and is known as "the leader of China's tire intelligent manufacturing". On July 6, 2018, it held shares in Jinhu tire, becoming the top ten tire enterprises in the world and the largest tire enterprise in China

this cooperation can not only customize high-quality products and services for users, but also make use of Yuchai's resources and the advantages of the "service 4.0 + R & D 4.0 + industry 4.0" IOT platform being established by Shuangxing to find and solve users' pain points, jointly meet and create users' needs, and create new industry formats through cross-border integration while building the first brand of port and bus tires. The two sides will also give play to their respective advantages and cooperate in the green ecological recycling industry of waste tires

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