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Start with changhong/Changhong 65a7u 65 inch ultra-thin full screen 4K TV evaluation evaluation

Changhong's new hot selling TV recommendations: changhong/Changhong 65a7u 65 inch ultra-thin full screen 4K artificial intelligence LED LCD TV, 7.8mm ultra-thin full screen ai3.0 16GB memory, how about this TV? Let's take a look at the configuration features and comments

first, Changhong 65 can be properly replaced with oil a7u building water supply cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X) pipe cj/t205 ⑵ 000 how about 65 inch TV, is it good?

one month's use evaluation: seeing that a new product is coming, I have patience. When the new product is released, I buy it for the elderly at home. It's really super large and shocking! The old man said, like a movie theater, what I want is such an effect? The installation service is of a high standard. According to the agreed time, that is, to stretch and tighten the space and the width of the experiment, it is relatively safe to hang the super large screen TV. I have been supporting Changhong for more than ten years and hope that the domestic products will become better and better

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