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Start with the evaluation: Thanksgiving child safety seat car baby child safety seat ISOFIX hard interface September

Thanksgiving child safety seat car baby child safety seat ISOFIX hard interface so I found a big box to collect those things from September to 12 years old

the marking price is the manufacturer's guide price. This can be added with a check stick. The price of the product is 899

one month's use experience: Generally speaking, it's good, my car is black interior, It's good to match red. It's OK to insert the safety seat into the seat. I drive Subaru. So in the macro view, it's solid particles. Three fixed points are on the roof, and it's OK to pull the hook. The disadvantage is that the cotton thickness is relatively thin, not very thick. After all, the price is here. The baby is more comfortable sitting and sleeping. It would be better if the seat could take care of the baby and tilt back when sleeping

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product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Applicant Name: Taizhou Thanksgiving automotive supplies, the whole batch shall not be delivered Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: Taizhou Thanksgiving automotive supplies Co., Ltd.

Product Name: restraint system for motor vehicle children occupants

3C product model: Ares, E Ⅱ

place of origin: Chinese Mainland

style: sitting style

color classification: Pine stone, Blue Maple, pink, fast red dreamer, Star River, Blue Princess, pink, quiet, blue dream, purple horse, custom-made/Joey red

safety seat brand: Thanksgiving

model: ares

suitable weight: 9kg-25kg, 15kg-36kg, 9kg-36kg

applicable age: 9 months-12 weeks year old

installation interface: ISOFIX interface

human body fixation method: five point type

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