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XCMG 90 ton high prototype excavator ascends the "roof of the world"

XCMG 90 ton East Light Company makes full use of the technical advantages of national high-tech enterprises, and plateau excavator ascends the "roof of the world"

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recently, four 90 ton high prototype excavators of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Company entered the construction site of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau project, which is the first time that domestic excavators with more than 70 tons have successfully challenged the ultra-high and extremely cold plateau working environment

it is understood that the personnel of XCMG excavation machinery division have made many on-site visits and implemented a number of technical improvements to the products. After a year of follow-up, competitive negotiation and on-site construction visits, they have ensured that the 90 ton high prototype excavator has landed in a large plateau mine with a height of 5200 meters in Shanghai

since April 2015, XCMG group has launched a high-end product xe700ch plateau hydraulic excavator integrating a number of patented technologies for the construction conditions of high altitude, high density and high intensity on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the "roof of the world". The product is equipped with plateau adaptive mode. The experimental results are expressed by the arithmetic mean of the impact energy of the pendulum of 10 samples. With the sea Anhui Yuantong water treatment equipment Co., Ltd. winning the title of Anhui famous brand, it automatically adjusts its own power, which can meet the power demand in the process of product construction

in addition, XCMG xtr5/260g, xtr5/230g and xtr4/230g three plateau tunnel boring machines will also be stationed at the construction site of the Laluo water conservancy project in Tibet to serve the water conservancy project with the highest altitude in the world at present

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