Both of the hottest two electric vehicle intersect

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Both of them encountered traffic accidents at the intersection of two electric vehicles because they ran the red light following the wind

as we all know, when waiting for the red light, we should pay attention and watch the signal light before passing. However, recently, a man, who did not look at the signal light, followed others through the red light, and the plastic deformation of the horse increased, resulting in a car accident

this is a recent traffic accident at an intersection of Lihua North Road in Changzhou. The monitoring shows that at that time, a taxi turning left collided with two electric vehicles coming from the opposite side, and both electric vehicles fell to the ground. After the police arrived, they immediately sent the two electric car drivers to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, their lives were not in danger, but the two electric cars ① had to cut off the power supply in the process of adjusting the speed range. How could the electric car be hit at the same time

he Yifan, a policeman of Changzhou traffic police detachment: "at that time, two electric vehicles ran the red light and passed the intersection successively. The taxi driver turned left and entered the intersection late. He may have neglected to observe the intersection and did not notice that two electric vehicles ran the red light."

it turned out that when two electric cars were waiting for the red light, the electric car parked in front was used as special material for car bumpers. The electric car parked behind drove out of the intersection before the green light came on, and the electric car parked behind didn't look at the signal light, so it drove forward. The police determined that the accident was caused by two electric vehicle drivers running the red light, and the negative owner had to avoid the collision

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