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XCMG 400 ton excavator and 240 ton electric drive dump truck

XCMG 400 ton excavator and 240 ton electric drive dump truck

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in golden autumn October, three "heavyweight" products of XCMG were successively offline in the mining machinery division, including 300 ton and 400 ton super large mining hydraulic excavators and 240 ton electric drive mining dump trucks, Among them, the 400 ton hydraulic excavator is the excavator product that can avoid the thermal bridge action tonnage to the greatest extent in China, filling the domestic gap. The successful launch of three super large mining machinery has laid a solid product foundation for XCMG to enter the field of complete sets of mining machinery, marking that XCMG has become the only manufacturer in China that can provide complete sets of super large tonnage excavators and mining dump trucks

large mining excavators are mainly used for large-scale open-pit mining, large-scale infrastructure construction, land reclamation projects and other large-scale construction. China's hydraulic excavator industry started late. Due to the restriction of technical level, the field of large-scale hydraulic excavator has been monopolized by foreign brands. In accordance with the product development strategy of "three high and one large" proposed by Chairman Wang Min, the mining machinery division has successfully developed 300 ton and 400 ton super large excavators and large mining dump trucks through scientific benchmarking and independent innovation, which has not only broken the monopoly of foreign brands, but also pushed the national excavator industry to a new level

on xe3000 and xe4000, a number of original designs, hydraulic systems with multi pump joint commissioning, independently developed control systems and optimized design working devices are concentrated, so that the reliability and durability of products can be guaranteed to the greatest extent. At present, XCMG excavator has applied for more than 100 patents in the technological innovation of super large tonnage excavator, including more than 10 invention patents. The 240 ton electric drive mining dump truck has a number of independent intellectual property rights, with high-end configuration and excellent performance. It adopts the world's top mining car driving control technologies such as anti slip driving technology, driving force steering adaptive technology, anti slip slope control technology, electronic differential technology, etc., which are suitable for bringing errors to the experimental machine. It should be used for heavy-duty transportation under complex roads, and the reliability and safety of the whole machine have reached the international advanced level

XCMG's super large tonnage excavator will be matched with the mining dump truck in a complete set, so as to customize an economic, efficient and fast construction scheme for customers and promote the improvement of mining construction technology in China

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