The construction of the hottest highway continues

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Highway construction continues to rise, and large and small machines are leading the way

highway construction continues to rise

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Guide: in the next 18 years, the investment direction of China's roads is to continue to complete the construction of national trunk lines and highways, complete the construction of conditional county and township roads, and do a good job in road maintenance. In the next three years, only the total amount of highway system used for newly purchased construction machinery and equipment will be 35 billion yuan to 40 billion yuan. China's engineering machinery

in the next 18 years, the investment direction of China's roads is to continue to complete the construction of national trunk lines and highways, complete the construction of county and township roads with conditions, and do a good job in road maintenance. In the next three years, the total amount of newly purchased construction machinery and equipment used in the highway system alone will be 35 billion yuan to 40 billion yuan. There is still room for the market demand of construction machinery in China. This paper discusses this—— Editor

after more than ten years of rapid development of highway construction in China, especially the construction of highways, people's understanding of highways is also gradually deepening. Some high-grade highways built in the early stage have some quality problems to varying degrees, which has attracted the attention of government departments, highway construction management departments and society. In recent years, some construction specifications have been revised, which puts forward higher requirements for the performance of construction machinery and equipment, and to a certain extent affects the changes in the road construction and maintenance machinery market. Ultra wide asphalt concrete pavers, which have been hot for a long time, have cooled down due to the revision of asphalt pavement construction specifications and the modification of pavers in the national import duty-free catalogue, while the demand for asphalt concrete pavers with a paving width of less than 9 meters is heating up. In highway construction, scraper, loader, bulldozer and grader are indispensable and important construction machinery and equipment. According to the statistics of several large construction enterprises, these four kinds of equipment account for about 30% to 40% of the self owned mechanical equipment

under the guidance of the policy of paying equal attention to highway construction and maintenance, the demand of highway construction and maintenance departments for machinery and equipment shows the following trend:

1 Large construction enterprises need large and high-tech equipment to improve the strength of large enterprises in market competition and ensure high-quality, high-speed and efficient completion of engineering tasks. At present, there are more than 400 enterprises with grade 2 or above highway construction qualifications in China. Most of them are state-owned enterprises with relatively strong human and financial resources. Through nearly 10 years of competition, they have created their own brands and have the machinery and equipment required to complete general highway engineering tasks. The mechanical equipment required now or in the future is high-power, high-capacity and high-tech added value mechanical equipment, such as loader above ZL60, grader above 160 horsepower, bulldozer above 320 horsepower, scraper with bucket capacity of more than 20 cubic meters and other supporting equipment. In order to improve the construction quality of asphalt pavement, some construction enterprises intend to purchase asphalt trucks with a price equivalent to one asphalt paver to improve the problems of segregation and temperature difference caused by the construction of asphalt pavement with only one asphalt paver

2. County and township road construction and road maintenance enterprises came into being. Their construction qualifications are relatively low, their capital is relatively weak, and the tasks they have completed are more, smaller, and scattered than the construction of national trunk lines and highways. The construction machinery and equipment they need are relatively low power, small capacity, good mobility, simple operation and safety. Loaders below ZL30, graders below 90 horsepower, bulldozers below 120 horsepower and scrapers with a capacity of 10 cubic meters can meet their requirements. This is the course of foreign highway construction and our direction in the future. Some small multi-functional mechanical equipment abroad have accounted for a large market share in construction, such as Caterpillar's SM brand multi-functional loaders in the United States, with annual sales of more than 50000 units, and case, Deere, caterpillar and JCB excavators with annual sales of more than 10000 units

China's modern manufacturing industry rose relatively late, and in the first 10 years, China's products were mainly developed around the needs of large-scale infrastructure construction such as roads

now we need to extend in two directions, that is, to meet the needs of large construction enterprises and small construction enterprises, and provide reliable, easy-to-use and cheap equipment to serve county and township highway construction, highway maintenance and municipal construction

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demand for pavement machinery during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. The annual demand for asphalt concrete pavers (4.5 to 12 meters) is 400; The annual demand for cement concrete pavers (6 to 9 meters) is 60; The annual demand for stabilized soil pavers (4.5 to 9 meters) is 250; The annual demand for asphalt concrete mixing equipment (10 to 40 tons/hour) is 250; The annual demand for compulsory cement concrete mixing equipment (100 to 250 m3/h) is 80; The annual demand for asphalt spreaders (5000 to 8000 liters) is 250; The annual demand for pavement milling machines (0.5 to 2 meters) is 300; Others include asphalt modification equipment (6 to 20 tons/hour), powder spreader (10 to 30 tons/hour), asphalt concrete transport vehicle (greater than or equal to 40 tons), asphalt concrete recycling equipment (when the coverage of 20 to 100 tons/small 1 food contact materials is increased), emulsified (modified) asphalt slurry sealer (2.5 to 4 meters), 2 to 10 tons of vibratory roller, walking vibratory roller less than 1 ton, obstacle remover, sweeper, sprinkler The combined crushing and screening equipment (100 tons/hour) has made some breakthroughs in demand

as far as the country is concerned, the demand for the four major models of loaders, graders, bulldozers and scrapers in the future is roughly as follows:

loaders: at present, the production capacity of loaders in China is far greater than the market demand. It is not completely estimated that the production capacity of 15 major production enterprises is 7000 sets, and it is required to ensure the cleanness of the lifting shaft in the next 1 to 2 years; There are only about 3000 sets inside. Supply exceeds demand, and the competition is extremely fierce

bulldozers: there are mainly 7 enterprises producing bulldozers in China (excluding Baotou No.1 Machinery Co., Ltd., Luoyang Tractor and Sany Heavy Industry), with an annual production capacity of 2100 units and a demand of about 2100 units per year, and the supply and demand are basically balanced. In the future, the demand growth rate of bulldozers will not exceed 10%, but due to the good mobility of tire bulldozers, the demand of highway maintenance departments will increase significantly

graders: in recent years, graders with a power of more than 160 horsepower have shown a good momentum of development, especially accounting for more than 40% of the industry's sales considering humidity factors

at present, there are mainly 8 enterprises producing graders in China. According to the statistics of these 8 enterprises, the annual production capacity is 1200 sets. In the next three years, the demand for graders will be 1200 sets per year, accelerating the construction progress of 36000 tons/year high-purity polysilicon industry upgrading project; Around the new material right, basically flat

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