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On November 14, Kailin international steel structure roof, 42 meters long, 31.5 meters wide and more than 200 tons dead weight, constructed by Hualing LIANGANG construction company, was safely, quickly and smoothly lifted by 18 meters. So far, the new technology of high-altitude integral lifting of large components first adopted by Lianyuan Steel construction company has been a great success

the roof of three super high-rise buildings in Changsha Kailin international adopts steel structure modeling design. In view of the actual situation, Lianyuan Steel construction company has adopted a new hydraulic high-altitude integral lifting process to replace the traditional lifting processes such as cranes. The advantages of this hoisting process are outstanding, and the steel structure roof can be lifted by 18 meters at a time, which takes less than 2 hours. It is understood that it is the first time to implement the overall lifting operation of large components in Changsha. At the same time, China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau issued a bidding invitation to Hualing Lianyuan Steel construction company for the production and installation of the next building steel structure. 3. The interfaces on the controller are corresponding one by one

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